A comic opera about... ummm... terrorism, actually!
Composer - Omar Shahryar
Librettist - Ed Harris
Director - Ruth Mariner

With North Huddersfield Trust School
After news of a terrorist attack shakes his world, a very ordinary teenager suddenly finds himself on a bizarre, magical island where conflict is bubbling up everywhere... and nothing is at it seems!
Suitable for 10 years +

Our award-winning production team worked with teenagers from North Huddersfield Trust School to develop this comic, modern opera for younger audiences. Mixing styles from classical to grime, A Shoe Full of Stars is a funny, touching and extraordinary opera, reported on widely by national TV news networks.

In association with Dark Inventions, The Active Change Foundation and Lydia Wilson.

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Aims of the Identity Crisis Project
A Shoe Full of Stars involved collaboration with counter-extremism specialists The Active Change Foundation and Lydia Wilson.

Violent Extremism affects our societies on multiple levels, but few people are equipped with the skills, sensitivity or confidence to tackle this subject constructively with young people. Children, however, are the most vulnerable to being exploited and recruited by extremists and their propaganda.

To protect young people and our society, it is necessary that every sector of our society holds open, sensitive yet probing dialogues. This opera is a result of that dialogue process, and is about the necessity of that dialogue process.

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